Grooming The World One Dog At A Time

It's ALL About Symmetry

23 March 1982
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My entire life is about animals. Never cared much for the human population, but always obsessed with the animal kingdom, and the bigger the better. Currently, one cat and two dogs: German Spitz and a Toy Poodle (running on the large side) The Spitz and Poodle I adopted on their way to the pound. They are the best of friends and very entertaining.
I am a groomer. I have only been grooming professionally nearly six years, but have been grooming my Scottie and a few others since I was in 6th grade. I am told I am very good, but I am a perfectionist and I rarely like how my work turns out.
I do have a tendancy to repeat myself, ramble, and jump around on my topics, so KEEP UP!!! It all makes sence to me, what's wrong with you!?!?!