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my back!
finally started on my line and dot train drawing! 2 hours..3 squares! first square took my one hour. i think it looks like ASS!!! but then again, i haven't done this kind of art since 9th grade!! nor drawn since...11th? so it's been a while. i'm a bit rusty. it does look a little better when i take a picture of it with ted's phone. see it in a "different" light so to speak. the track is soo crooked and wavy. kinda hard to fix when you use ink!!

my back hurt from bending over and trying to draw..i bought an asle, but i thought i'd try "normal" i give up for tonight..then busted out my coat rack i bought months ago to try and build! cause thAt wouldn't require me to stoop over! looked more complicated than i care for at the moment, so i shoved it all back in the box, but it is coat season now!,least at night, so it needs be built one of these days!

went and exercised this morning, then cleaned house all afternoon! wee!.. i've gone to the gym 3 times and worked out at home twice in the last 7 days and lost 2 1/2 pounds, doesn't seem very fair if you ask me!
planning on running tomorrow after work! hopefully it doesn't rain, bit cold to run in the rain! and ruin my new white rebocks! =O

oh! and apparently i can't leave any food on the table while not in the room anymore. someone climbed up there and got into the pizza box! little fuckers! guess the cookie spree friday just got them all riled up and decided to see what was up on the next level from the chair!

woo! actually productive on a sunday!

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Whew, you are just on a roll all around!!!

tryin! i'm sure i'll burn out soon enough

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