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Grooming The World One Dog At A Time

It's ALL About Symmetry

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mmmmm dog germs
really need to remember to turn off the light before changing the bulbs in the dining room. they always shatter when they have power still going to them..and i removed the cookies off the table and  put them on the chair cause dad was making quite a mess (    =O  ) and didn't put them back before i left for the gym..and they were on the floor when i got home..so let's see who throws up tonight! they were only chocolate chip...=/  well, if there was enough chocolate to bother them, they'd already be throwing up. i learned that last year when adali magically nabbed a bag of dove off my dresser!..then turned out to be diabetic!
which reminds me, pipers thyroid test came back already. guess what?!? normal!! dr s said the next test would be a bile acid test, but i'm sure it'd come back normal too! *sigh* he's been sUper cuddley lately, and he's not a cudley boy. molly always wanted to be near me when she was ill. i shoulda had them do more test on her and not just said "she's old" piper technically isn't old, but when you've been trying to die for more than half your life, i'd say 7 is old.

dad got the bead board up in the dining room, and maybe half the trim work. he didn't make enough for the whole room cause most of it is so thin he was using scrap from other projects to make it. but it looks like a room now! now if i only had some money so i could get some wall art! needs some major color enhancements! i'm thinking red! too bad old time pottery no longer has all those white flowers with red background canvas things i really liked the year before i moved in here! =(

went to the gym after dad left, as i said. it's nice going when you're one of 4 people there, including the employees! actually was able to use the cross ramp..or something. it's like a smooth running with constant foot contact?...not sure how to describe it, but it hurt my pathetic knees the first time i tried using it. i don't know how people use those things long! i was on it for five minutes and was about to die!!! gonna start running twice a week!..not sure if i mentioned that. dad said he'd run with me! wee! he's a former marine, he'll make me keep it up! especially since it's getting cold out and he won't be getting much activity and will want to try and keep in shape! =D

i had my first manic day yesterday. i did take one of my caffine pills and i haven't had one of those in months, but it was still odd to go from crying to bouncy/kinda dancey!