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Grooming The World One Dog At A Time

It's ALL About Symmetry

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woo. exercise. tears.
the curves across the street from work is not listed in the yellowpages online, but luckily had their number on their sign large enough to see while driving by. they are associated with avon, and do not carry product there. so i just ordered them. also picked up some sports rebocks today at meijer and went to exercise. wee.
so maybe i'll talk myself into running one of these days..at least once..and i'm sure i'll make it a block or two! think piper would enjoy that. adali barely likes walks, so i doubt she'd like being drug for a jog.

really need to find a doctor soon, without insurance, to find some happy pills. my hormones are all out of wack lately. or at least, that's what i'm going to go with. not that i've ever been "happy" my entire life. my mother tells me, even as i child i was not happy. so that tells you what sort of blast as a grown up i have!!

wOw do i need glasses soon! i blame my non stop reading!..course since i started reading tom and huck, it hasn't been quite so non stop.. i hate to not read it since i started it, but wow is it boring!! it is amusing that the characters do all sorts of "witchy" stuff, like rituals and dead things, and blood, and whatever,...and then talk about other women who are so obviously witches..
yeah, okay, i can barely see the words here! but in my defense, my desk is wide! the screen is..2, 2 1/2 feet away?..when i lean up to it..so i guess i'm 4 feet away and can't see..that's not bad!!! =D

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Yay walks!!!

Hehe @ happy pills. Awww @ not ever being "happy."

Interesting on the glasses.

walks? i'm still talkin' run-nin'!

not sure i believe in happy pills, but may as well try for the legal sheit first, right!? ;)

Hahaha, I always filter "running" into "walking." I used to love to run, but now I'm all about walks. Run on with you bad self!

Oh, they'll make you happy... or at least complacent. You just have to give up creativity and your libido!

i got my dad to agree to go running with me, so maybe this will actually happen! i use to like running way back in the day too!

i haven't felt creative in about a decade..
my libido is about non existant anyways, so eh

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