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Grooming The World One Dog At A Time

It's ALL About Symmetry

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gump it
i know it's just a mix of the woderful chilliness and my recent discovery of my extra-extra pounds, but i've been wanting to run! i was thinking of phoebe on friends yesterday and her running abilities. =) i have no clue where my rebocks are, they're 15 years old anyways, and i have no shoes that would be for running..and already "need" to buy those curves..forgot to stop by curves today after work. will tomorrow! it's in my phone! but i also know that if i did bother to go out and buy two pairs of shoes (that i cannot afford) for this exercise kick, that it'll be short lived anyways. it's ohio. it's going to start rainging here soon, i'm sure. and you just can't run on a tredmill. i tried. doesn't work out well. but then again, i don't keep up on things anyways, so maybe the few months before it gets super cold would be enough running before the "weather" could be blamed..
gonna send myself to the gym tomorrow! start up my 3 day a week schedule again! see if i actually lose any this time..and go longer than two months..

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