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i know there's a gun somewhere in this house
who the hell gains 22 pounds in ONE year?!? and NOT be pregnant?! i've gone from never need worry about exercise or diet to best get my lazy ass up and moving! not like i sit around all day at work!..well...i suppose these days...i just don't work! go from grooming 8-10 dogs a day to being lucky if i have 5. i dont think working more days would do much good either. the new groomer who works fridays and saturdays doesn't have much work either...granted, she has enough to give me a days work..but most the dogs she grooms are not MY people. and if they are, they weren't foretold it wasn't me grooming that day.
definitely need to get back to the gym. facia tendinitis for a month plus extensive tattoo work kinda kept me from going. bad year i picked for a huge tattoo too, BUT anastasia kicks some major ass. i put this tattoo off for so long cause i've seen so many shit ass flower tattoos. decided last night i want those "walking in sand" shoes that supposedly help you exercise just walkin know, more than just walking around...and they're flippin expensive!! i already don't have money for this tattoo, i certainly don't have money for shoes! especially since i already had feet issues this year. wonder if those would screw me up bad. i know walking in sand sucks big time! not sure i'd want to do it all the time! take a long time to build up an endurace for those!

oh, and i went and moved all the pictures in my photo bucket the other day, so every picture i've ever posted is now obsolete. woops!

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I gained 20 pounds in 2 months right before I got married just so I'd have some boobs for my wedding. I lost it just as fast after I got married. Don't ask me how I did it... The metabolism of youth, I guess.

I know the shoes you're talking about... about $100 a pair if you go with skechers or some other name brand, right? Look into avon, they sell some Curves (like the ladies gym Curves) shoes that are supposed to do the same job, but they are about $30 or so. My MIL sells avon, and she got some of those shoes for herself and said that they definitely work. They work on your legs and butt, mostly, I think.

woo hoo! thanks! that's a start at least. yeah, the ones i found were sketechers and sort of rebock. dr scholls had a hard wooden sandal that supposedly helps and "was a big hit in the 70s" but it's getting a bit cold for that..and the water at work would ruin them anways! but i shall check out avon!
and yay you, it went to your boobs! not i! well, a little, but not enough that i'm okay with 20 pounds!

Apparently, my weight bordered on slightly underweight, so, while it didn't all go straight to boobs, apparently it filled me out to a healthier degree. Nothing went to my ass, though. Nothing ever goes to my ass. I couldn't grow an ass if I gained 400 lbs. Do you know how silly it looks to have a huge belly that completely hides your crotch and your feet, but have NO ass? I'm lopsided. >:(

=) i've always felt lopsided. my hips way unbalance my top. i was on and off and swapped birth controls so many times, my body thinks i've had a litter! which is actually my weight issue. i gained the weight when i went off the pills, and apparently sometimes you can react to the hormone change like having a baby and keep the weight! i gained 15 of the pounds in 2 or 3 months. the last five just REALLY set me off. hips is where most my weight has gone. and i'm all legs and little torso, so it's hard to squeeze extra in there! and of course it has to chose the bottom half! not that i go swimming...but i'm SO glad they finally let you buy the top and bottom seperate, and not in a super fancy expensive store! i always tried mixing and matching sizes cause i ain't barbie!!

and those shoes only come in white damnit! alas, $40 IS better than $110. let's see if i can skip the internet route and find an avon person, though i'm sure both would be difficult to avoid later on.

Oh, and also, I looked into the Curves shoes. It doesn't really ever get very cold in Houston, so it never occurred to me that the weather's getting too cold elsewhere for sandals. Mostly all I ever noticed in the books were sandals.

The website, however, shows three different kinds of shoes. The flip-flops for $30, the sandals for $40, and the sneakers for $50. They're still all better prices than the big-name brands.

i'd probably be fine at work wearing the sandals no matter what the temp..actually i might prefer it. i was worrying about having my feet soaked in real shoes all day..i open the window in my room at work in the winter time..once all the dogs are dry and no longer drowned rats!..i like it cold! i'm quite excited that i can finally open my window this week at work! it's in the 60s! yay!!

..hmm the word "curves" on the bottom looks so similar (text wuse) to the exercise place..wonder if they sell them..there's on right across the street from where i work!

Would be worth asking about. I mean, they are the same company - it seems kind of silly that they wouldn't sell their own shoes.

how in the world did you fit into your wedding dress with an extra 20 pounds?! those things are always so fitted!

The ones that are true lace-up in the back are not sized, per se, but size ranged. Mine was a 2-4. I still maintained the size required to fit within that range. Plus, I wedged myself into a corset so that any excess body fat scooted up into my boobs. I almost suffocated from the cleavage.


oh that reminds me of a woman i saw at "freak night"! she was a FAT lady who decided to wear a corset and shove her fat up! it was SCARY how it was over flowing like muffins! front AND back! *shudder*

I like walking in the sand... but I'm odd like that. ;-p

i like it..briefly. it hurts!

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