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Grooming The World One Dog At A Time

It's ALL About Symmetry

i know none of this will make much sense to anyone but me..
today has been driving me crazy..well, this week..but today especially. i've felt like crap the last couple of weeks and i guess i manage through it better while i'm at work. last weekend i didn't do much but stay in bed and look at grooming stuff all weekend. emailed tons of places asking for catalogs and shampoo samples. today i've slept most of it. when i am awake, i can't seem to keep my focus on anything. i try to browse or read or even look through the one magazine i received and i can barely do any of it.
been getting on a groomer forum all week. ideas and things keep coming to me.

i've wanted my own place for a long while. now is certainly not a good time to do so, economy and all. and there have been a few grooming incidents where i was very glad to be at a vets office. it's really not bad where i work, though closer would be wonderful, but the main thing i hate is how everything is in one room. makes it impossible to keep clean! i'd also like to be able to sell things, not a lot, but combs, brushes, fancy collars, little stuff. i'm sure boss would be okay with it, but i haven't really thought much into it. well, sorta have. but if i bought it all, how would it be paid? through him and i get a commission off it? and where would i keep it all? i'm not always there during their open hours. guess i could suggest and let people know, but keep it all under lock and key? just doesn't seem feasible.

jumping back over to the "everything in one room". been thinking of new ways to try and rearrange it all. not sure if they'll frown upon me blocking the 2nd door, but i am planning on it. think the main way i'd like to try would end up blocking my window, which i am not willing to do. i need that window in the winter and opening it with cages right there is not a good idea. especially in january with wet puppies under fans. i am pretty sure my ideas aren't going to work. i'm wanting to kinda "cage" in the cages..guess like a pi, but i'm pretty sure to do that will take up too much space outwards. two big reasons i need to, i'd like more wall space to use, and two sets of cages have fans on the ends that suck up all the dirt and hair. so they need to be aimed in such a way that wind doesn't blow all over me, and as little hair and dirt gets sucked into them. hoping i can move my table along the same wall and them and will be closer to the phone, though i will be losing counter space since i bought my own little storage unit thing, i won't really need to move the long counter and drawers, which is good cause they're a bitch to move, but that will kill the drawers i use to safely lay my clippers down, and the counter space i take up for tools i am using. could buy another storage unit thing. i certainly have enough stuff to fill it up. a worry i have for IF i can fit my table where i am thinking is it'll put me under the vents, as in under and out of the way of so ac wouldn't reach me well. and i NEEDS me ac!!..though i did buy those plastic things for them last time my table was over there to help direct the air onto me...wonder where those went. know one of them broke from the high velocity dryer..
all this rearranging stuff came to mind today when i saw some stairs in a magazine and stairs would be nice. make it sorta easier to get dogs in the tub..maybe. but those were plastic and only hold up to 120 pounds, so i asked my dad to make me some. things are in the way where the stairs would need to go and at the moment, and there is no place for those things to be moved within my room.

think that's enough babble for now. think i'll try and find things on here..only thing i can think of is some sort of screen covering for those fans..not sure how to word it on google though..

consumed too many pills tonight. ya know..this hurts, oh wait this hurts,  well everything hurts..i really don't like feeling high in any sort of way. at least almost all my aches are gone..except the parts digesting all the badness..and my stupid pinky managed to stay in pain! can't really lay down to sleep cause my throat is DRY and my sinus's are not happy with this invasion, so breathing is difficult..hey! how about some sinus pills! =p   ...so up i am until it passes!

my back!
finally started on my line and dot train drawing! 2 hours..3 squares! first square took my one hour. i think it looks like ASS!!! but then again, i haven't done this kind of art since 9th grade!! nor drawn since...11th? so it's been a while. i'm a bit rusty. it does look a little better when i take a picture of it with ted's phone. see it in a "different" light so to speak. the track is soo crooked and wavy. kinda hard to fix when you use ink!!

my back hurt from bending over and trying to draw..i bought an asle, but i thought i'd try "normal" first..so i give up for tonight..then busted out my coat rack i bought months ago to try and build! cause thAt wouldn't require me to stoop over!..it looked more complicated than i care for at the moment, so i shoved it all back in the box, but it is coat season now!,least at night, so it needs be built one of these days!

went and exercised this morning, then cleaned house all afternoon! wee!.. i've gone to the gym 3 times and worked out at home twice in the last 7 days and lost 2 1/2 pounds, doesn't seem very fair if you ask me!
planning on running tomorrow after work! hopefully it doesn't rain, bit cold to run in the rain! and ruin my new white rebocks! =O

oh! and apparently i can't leave any food on the table while not in the room anymore. someone climbed up there and got into the pizza box! little fuckers! guess the cookie spree friday just got them all riled up and decided to see what was up on the next level from the chair!

woo! actually productive on a sunday!

mmmmm dog germs
really need to remember to turn off the light before changing the bulbs in the dining room. they always shatter when they have power still going to them..and i removed the cookies off the table and  put them on the chair cause dad was making quite a mess (    =O  ) and didn't put them back before i left for the gym..and they were on the floor when i got home..so let's see who throws up tonight! they were only chocolate chip...=/  well, if there was enough chocolate to bother them, they'd already be throwing up. i learned that last year when adali magically nabbed a bag of dove off my dresser!..then turned out to be diabetic!
which reminds me, pipers thyroid test came back already. guess what?!? normal!! dr s said the next test would be a bile acid test, but i'm sure it'd come back normal too! *sigh* he's been sUper cuddley lately, and he's not a cudley boy. molly always wanted to be near me when she was ill. i shoulda had them do more test on her and not just said "she's old" piper technically isn't old, but when you've been trying to die for more than half your life, i'd say 7 is old.

dad got the bead board up in the dining room, and maybe half the trim work. he didn't make enough for the whole room cause most of it is so thin he was using scrap from other projects to make it. but it looks like a room now! now if i only had some money so i could get some wall art! needs some major color enhancements! i'm thinking red! too bad old time pottery no longer has all those white flowers with red background canvas things i really liked the year before i moved in here! =(

went to the gym after dad left, as i said. it's nice going when you're one of 4 people there, including the employees! actually was able to use the cross ramp..or something. it's like a smooth running with constant foot contact?...not sure how to describe it, but it hurt my pathetic knees the first time i tried using it. i don't know how people use those things long! i was on it for five minutes and was about to die!!! gonna start running twice a week!..not sure if i mentioned that. dad said he'd run with me! wee! he's a former marine, he'll make me keep it up! especially since it's getting cold out and he won't be getting much activity and will want to try and keep in shape! =D

i had my first manic day yesterday. i did take one of my caffine pills and i haven't had one of those in months, but it was still odd to go from crying to bouncy/kinda dancey!

woo. exercise. tears.
the curves across the street from work is not listed in the yellowpages online, but luckily had their number on their sign large enough to see while driving by. they are associated with avon, and do not carry product there. so i just ordered them. also picked up some sports rebocks today at meijer and went to exercise. wee.
so maybe i'll talk myself into running one of these days..at least once..and i'm sure i'll make it a block or two! think piper would enjoy that. adali barely likes walks, so i doubt she'd like being drug for a jog.

really need to find a doctor soon, without insurance, to find some happy pills. my hormones are all out of wack lately. or at least, that's what i'm going to go with. not that i've ever been "happy" my entire life. my mother tells me, even as i child i was not happy. so that tells you what sort of blast as a grown up i have!!

wOw do i need glasses soon! i blame my non stop reading!..course since i started reading tom and huck, it hasn't been quite so non stop.. i hate to not read it since i started it, but wow is it boring!! it is amusing that the characters do all sorts of "witchy" stuff, like rituals and dead things, and blood, and whatever,...and then talk about other women who are so obviously witches..
yeah, okay, i can barely see the words here! but in my defense, my desk is wide! the screen is..2, 2 1/2 feet away?..when i lean up to it..so i guess i'm 4 feet away and can't see..that's not bad!!! =D

gump it
i know it's just a mix of the woderful chilliness and my recent discovery of my extra-extra pounds, but i've been wanting to run! i was thinking of phoebe on friends yesterday and her running abilities. =) i have no clue where my rebocks are, they're 15 years old anyways, and i have no shoes that would be for running..and already "need" to buy those curves..forgot to stop by curves today after work. will tomorrow! it's in my phone! but i also know that if i did bother to go out and buy two pairs of shoes (that i cannot afford) for this exercise kick, that it'll be short lived anyways. it's ohio. it's going to start rainging here soon, i'm sure. and you just can't run on a tredmill. i tried. doesn't work out well. but then again, i don't keep up on things anyways, so maybe the few months before it gets super cold would be enough running before the "weather" could be blamed..
gonna send myself to the gym tomorrow! start up my 3 day a week schedule again! see if i actually lose any this time..and go longer than two months..

i know there's a gun somewhere in this house
who the hell gains 22 pounds in ONE year?!? and NOT be pregnant?! i've gone from never need worry about exercise or diet to best get my lazy ass up and moving! not like i sit around all day at work!..well...i suppose these days...i just don't work! go from grooming 8-10 dogs a day to being lucky if i have 5. i dont think working more days would do much good either. the new groomer who works fridays and saturdays doesn't have much work either...granted, she has enough to give me a days work..but most the dogs she grooms are not MY people. and if they are, they weren't foretold it wasn't me grooming that day.
definitely need to get back to the gym. facia tendinitis for a month plus extensive tattoo work kinda kept me from going. bad year i picked for a huge tattoo too, BUT anastasia kicks some major ass. i put this tattoo off for so long cause i've seen so many shit ass flower tattoos. decided last night i want those "walking in sand" shoes that supposedly help you exercise just walkin around...you know, more than just walking around...and they're flippin expensive!! i already don't have money for this tattoo, i certainly don't have money for shoes! especially since i already had feet issues this year. wonder if those would screw me up bad. i know walking in sand sucks big time! not sure i'd want to do it all the time! take a long time to build up an endurace for those!

oh, and i went and moved all the pictures in my photo bucket the other day, so every picture i've ever posted is now obsolete. woops!

(no subject)
debating on going to berns..christy's phone is kaput and i don't want to just randomly arrive at her house..can't be massaged until tomorrow (bastards how dare they not have a long opening when i call the day of!) and tomorrow is suppose to rain..and sunday is now looking full..plus i should probably go work out again sunday..if i can move...startin to feel the burn!..or, rather, the super weakness!
oh! and i like how the damn energy people came out yesterday to check the meter when i HAD to make an appointment for them to come out and read it cause they're ASS-HOLES! they were just here LAST WEEK! also like how they came on a thursday when i told the woman i don't work fridays..
lots more, but i really don't care enough to say much of any of it! =D

72 degrees!..yeah, i even hate THAT little bit of heat..in an almost tank top and sandals..and hair up..too much! really need to move further north..in a non staired house so piper might hurt himself less...and adali might use the dog door all on her very own!
haven't lost weight yet but my flab is getting tighter! woo for exercise bike!...except my left knee REALLY hates me since i started using it!! and here i thought both my knees sucked equally! once i get my school paid off and my back flab down it's tattoo time!!!!

damn. tryin to look at way old posts is annoying! i guess i could techinically just hit the back button enough instead of goin through the month thing..couldn't find what i wanted.. ;-) ...but i was highly amused by all the comments back in the day! =D