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72 degrees!..yeah, i even hate THAT little bit of an almost tank top and sandals..and hair up..too much! really need to move further a non staired house so piper might hurt himself less...and adali might use the dog door all on her very own!
haven't lost weight yet but my flab is getting tighter! woo for exercise bike!...except my left knee REALLY hates me since i started using it!! and here i thought both my knees sucked equally! once i get my school paid off and my back flab down it's tattoo time!!!!

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I love the 72 degrees, but the way it came is throwing my body off. It was like 40-50 degrees just three days ago.

YAY exercise bike! These should help your knees:

and here i thought it was going to be something sexual!..i need to get new knee braces. i have some for work, but they're hairy..and hurt the backs of my i need new ones anyways..

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Not everything I suggest has a sexual bent (though strong knees during sex is a major plus)!

Hairy knee braces?

would certainly let me do what that british woman was doing on that dvd, there's NO way i could do what she was doing!
anything i take to work gets hairy. that's why i have work only bras!.. and sweaters, and only wear my leather car is covered with dog hair and very little of it is from my own dogs

Wow, complaining about 72 degrees...I am just happy to not be running the freaking heat is loud as hell in this apartment. Exercise? And reading? Who are you and what did you do with Beth?!?!? =P

i'll do worse than complain about 72 degrees! i hurt myself today cause i was horribly hot and worked barefoot case i was overheating! and today was cooler! need to get me some cool dr schole's sandals!!!
have to exercise. i gained 15 pounds. need to get rid of at least some of it. especially before it goes beyond 15 pounds, it'll be a bitch to get rid of!
been reading for 2 years now.

and sign innnnnnn NOW...

Heh, yeah I know you've been reading for a while...I'm actually happy to hear (er, read) it all. I'm just glad you are exercising so maybe you live past 40 =P I need to get more exercise...lately my job has been mostly desk work...I'm sure I'll be eating my words next week when I spend 60 hours running up and down stairs carrying heavy objects.

So you are planning more tattoos?

it's only 2 miles a mile at a time. even wake up early so i can do one mile before work, since i doubt i'd talk myself into doing a lot after's certainly not enough to do much. i was just hoping that since i didn't have much to lose, and that i use to tone up after one or two days, that it's show better. was shocked that my father didn't say anything today about it since i had to wear a tank top to work today with the fucking heat..since i "looked good" 30 pounds lighter.
gina keeps yelling at me to do leg lifts. i told her i'd like to see her do leg lifts after pedaling a few miles
course more tattoos! been planning on this for a while. cover most my back! hopefully i can start in a few months..but then i can't tan or swim!!...oh wait. course once my back is covered, i won't know where to go! i doubt i'll find something i'll like enough to start doing my arms and legs..or front. don't want anything there..for now

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